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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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good afternoon i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. lets get to "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden who joins us now with more, joe? >> reporter: ukee, jessica story continuing to develop, we have just got a statement here from frank kiehl, who is a spokesmen, for local 98 and he does inform us that on tuesday night there was a very large, meeting at philadelphia's ibew headquarters, where he says that there were questions, and answers, offered about this on going federal robe, and we're told a john dougherty issued a letter where he suggests through his own words that this ongoing investigation is much larger then just him. it was two and a half weeks ago help fbi agents fanned out across philadelphia armed with federal search warrants investigators raided homes and businesses connected, to local 98, and long time union power broker johnny dougherty. the mystery what it is all about deepened on wednesday afternoon. dougherty claiming in a letter
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to his members that the work of the u.s. attorney and fbi is part of a comprehensive attack on the union. dougherty writes, if these investigation where is simply about me i would retire today and save our union any a digsal headaches. as part of the raid, agents also visited city councilman bobby henon's office at city hall, beside his elect position kenon works in local 98. federal government has declined to comment on its ongoing and active investigation. dougherty suggest that the union's recent successful efforts, backing political candidates, has drawn federal attention. he writes, we help elect brendon boyle to the u.s. congress, we were probably first and strongest supporters of the kenney for mayor and recently helped him launch his unprecedented rebuild philadelphia program. i just want to read from this statement we got from frank kiehl from local 98 and it says john dougherty's letter
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to all ibew local 98 members was matter of fact and was intended to reassure all members, that the investigations would neither alter the union lawful business practices, nor deter leadership from representing the members to the fullest. now we have reached out to the mayor's office mayor kenney and they had no comment. we are waiting to hear back from the congressman's office as well, as city councilman, bobby henon. as far as fbi is concerned a spokeswoman said they have no comment. live tonight i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> keep us posted. in other news philadelphia police are looking for a man wanted in connection with the series of attacks against women. he touched them in a prep eighth thely riding past them on the bike. these have happened across parts of the center city and south philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins news east passyunk where a woman walking home was recently assaulted, greg. >> reporter: that is exactly right, there jessica. police say there have been at least four sexual assaults in
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august alone and in fact one of the women reached out, to authorities and that possibly could be the fifth victim, investigators say there could be more victims out there. at least four separate attacks, in two different neighborhoods. with one suspect this guy riding a mountain bike. >> during his a salts our victims are wearing dresses and he comes up behind them on the bike, reaches up under the dress and sexually a salts them all. >> reporter: philadelphia police special victims unit is investigating these crimes which happened over the course of one week between august 6th and 13th in the east passyunk and washington square west neighborhood and between hours of 10:00 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. >> all of the years it happened very quickly. >> reporter: police say some victims don't realize what happened at first while others like woman attacked in this video the first of two attacks on august 13th are shocked. >> we have complainta ant was kind of stunned and she sat down on the steps.
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>> reporter: one woman even tried fighting back. >> he did punch the offender when he circled back. i wouldn't recommend that. >> it is terrifying because this is a neighborhood that is considered to be very safe. >> reporter: women who work and live in the area like noel mitchell. >> it is disturbing. >> reporter: say they are extra vigilant and change their patterns. >> i think that i will probably not walk by myself, too late at night. >> reporter: good advice from investigators who worry future attacks could be even more dangerous.ors who worry future >> is there always a concern to say he is brazen, he did two in one night as you can see. >> reporter: police say suspects described as latino male with the stocky build between 5-foot four and 5-foot 6 inches tall. he has black hair and in some cases has been wearing a dark colored backpack with a wrap that goes across his chest. he is riding his bicycle on to the sidewalk when he is attacking these young woman. if you have any information
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about this crime happened and happen to know hoe is or victim yourself, of course, pick up the phone and call 911. we are live from south philadelphia, i'm's greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. terror on a college campus militants attack the american university of afghanistan killing one person. and leaving more than a dozen others wounded. correspondent kenneth craig picks up the story. >> reporter: wounded were rushed away by ambulance after a militant attack on the american university of afghanistan. witnesses say they heard a loud explosion and automatic gunfire on the campus. witnesses say students barricaded themselves from the classroom, using chairs and steps, to block the doors. >> you can hear people say there have been here at the university. so we do not know whether this, that they are students or in the. >> reporter: the assault happened in the campus in the western outskirts of the kabul
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around 7:30 local time. from inside the associate's presses pulitzer prize winning photographer mahmoud husseini. >> we are stuck inside american university of afghanistan, shooting followed by, explosion, this may be my last tweet. i'm wounded and girls crying. please help us. the u.s. state department says that it is working to account for all of the americans in kabul. >> we condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms. an attack on a university is an attack on the future of afghanistan. >> reporter: the assault comes two weeks after the two university staff members including an american were abduct by gunman, they haven't been found. kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rescue crews are racing against the clock using bulldozers and their bear hand to dig survivors out after an earthquake in italy. at least 120 people have been killed, that quake measured a magnitude 6.0 in the hardest hit towns were in the region
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of um bree a, 50 miles north east of rome. powerful earthquake shook people out of their band in the middle of the night across central italy. quake flattened um of amatrice, a couple hundred miles from rome, rescue teams and volunteers are digging through mountains of debris where homes once stood. in this emergency worker tried to calm a woman trapped in the ruble. she appeared badly injured with her face barely visible under the wall that felon top of her. earthquake hit just after 3:30 e were sleeping, so far, there have been dozens of powerful after shocks, and people are a frayed to go inn doors. >> some residents say that the military response has been slow. in in illica, large slabs of concrete fell from buildings trapping people and crushing cars survivors looked dazed huddled in the field but there are glimmers of hope amid the
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destruction. rescuers pulled a man and young girl from the ruble alive. but as night falls it is a race against time to save more lives. pope francis, skipped his traditional wednesday general audience and instead invited thousands of pilgrims in st. peters square to recite rosery with him. he sent a six man squad from the vatican fire department to help with that rescue. another earthquake, to tell but tonight this one in myanmar in south east asia, a magnitude 6.8 quake struck myanmar, at least three people have been killed and many buildings, and many of them anxious have been damaged. damage from the u.s. geological survey shows tremors were felt as far as bangladesh, india and tie land. in campaign 2016 donald trump is asking minorities to support him in november. trump walk through rain to meet with volunteers registering new voters outside of tampa, florida event. once inside the event the republican presidential nominee explained why he
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thinks minorities should vote for him. he promised to address concerns about failing schools, lost jobs and crimes in the nation's city. >> to the african-american parents you have a right to walk down the streets of your city without having your child and yourself shot and that is what is happening right now. >> trump will hold a rally in mississippi later tonight. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is expected to receive her first intelligence briefing in new york on saturday. but she's now in the middle of a new controversy, the associated press reports that more than half of the people from outside of the u.s. government, who spoke with hillary clinton when she was secretary of state, also gave money to the clinton foundation. the clinton's campaign says that she did not reap any profits. >> clinton's do not personally draw salary or profit from the work of the foundation. >> clinton campaign also says that the ap's data is utterly flawed because it omits 1700
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meetings with world leaders. ohio election officials have cleared way for libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson to a peer on the november ballot. johnson will be designated as an independent and will replace a substitute place holder candidate. a change in state law resulted in the libertarians losing their the status after recognized minor part i. ohio is a critical cringe state. keep it here on "eyewitness news" for very latest on campaign 2016. you can get the latest anytime at cbs mayor kenney has signed the inclusive parks and playgrounds bill into law. >> this new law requires any city park under going renovation to include play areas for children with special needs. in addition the bill also requires the parks have fitness equipment for adults. kenney says these renovations have been made possible in part by the new sweet and benched tax. coming up on "eyewitness news", yesterday he was set free after spending 25 years in jail for crimes he did not
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commit, today, he gets to meet men and women who helped give him a new life outside his jail cell, the emotional meeting at 5:30. love trumps hate how one woman is turning the tables on the criminal and turning a message into heart. new hope and better vision for people with a sight impairing condition, doctors are finding it is changing lives. health reporter stephanie stahl has that when we come
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well, it is now recalling thousands of its cars, ford is, because of a problem with the fuel pump control module, that can cause the engine to stall. the recall covers certain ford taurus and ford flex wagons, lincoln mks and mkt suv's from the 2013/2015 model years. they will replace them, and, no cost to owners. and cbs have you heard about text neck, it may sound strange but
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that is neck pain or stiffness from having your head bent forward, while looking at your phone. looking down puts pressure and strain on neck and back muscles, and with ever present technology there are a few ways to prevent the pain. doctors suggest moving your phone to eye level so you can see in front of you and that would relieve the pressure. well, tonight on the healthwatch an exciting new option for the millions of americans who have cataracts. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to tell us about this new option for people. >> reporter: it is exciting, guys. f.d.a. approved a new lens for people with cataracts. doctors say that the lens is giving patients back their natural vision, and reducing the need for glasses. bruce goldblat realize on his eyes for work and he owns a towing company. his vision change a year and a half ago. >> i started to notice some shadowing, especially driving at night. my long distance vision was impaired, and i was having, more and more trouble reading, close ups.
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>> reporter: six five-year old was diagnosed with cataracts, clouding of the lens of the eye, his doctor recommended surgery, to remove his old lens, and replace it with a new f.d.a. approved one call the symphony, unlike previous options the lens from ab about on the can improve vision at near intermediate and far distances, and points in between. >> they bring new category of lens that gives patients continuing vision and reduces their dependens and eliminates their dependens upon glasses. >> reporter: bruce is first patient in the country to get a new lens since being f.d.a. approved. doctor eric diamond conduct the clinical trials. >> giving them a natural type of vision when they are less dependent upon glasses, makes them more comfortable, improves their self-confidence and see the eye now. >> reporter: bruce says he is excited for the future. >> i happen to be a very active, six five-year old, i ride motorcycles and long distance and i also do jet skis. >> reporter: it usually takes a week or two as eye heels for
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final results. and that new lens will be available at wills eye hospital here in philadelphia. cataracts are very common in most often related to aging, and estimate that had near 4 million cataract surgeries performed every year. i know people have been waiting for this. >> it is nice to have options. >> yes, i told my my mom had to have her surgery. hopefully she's watching. >> yes, she is. >> that is right. >> thanks, stephanie, appreciate it. kate bilo joins us with our weather. temperatures creeping up a little will bit. >> temperatures on their way up again, as we said not as bad as it was a couple weeks ago but we're talking upper 80's, 90's, a warmer pattern on the way toward the weekend. sun has been with us this week and sun will stick around through the weekend and right into next week as well, just an off chance for stray shower or thunderstorm late this week. good news is summer sunny stretch is continuing, bad news is if you have like the cool crisp air over past few
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days that is going by the way side for a bit. lets look outside we are looking down the shore where everything looks beautiful, a lot of folks outside on the shore this afternoon looking at this camera an hour and a half or two ago and there were more umbrellas, a lot of people packing up and moving off beach and enjoying nice pleasant evening down the shore, ocean city boardwalk but still pretty crowd i for 5:18 at night. can't get enough of the day like today. been beautiful as well. pal my use cove nature park showing sky line and delaware river blue skies 84 degrees right now in philadelphia. that is in palmyra but we are in the mid 80's in philadelphia and broadcast center 84 at the bottom of the screen there look for our weather watchers observations scrolling. storm san three shows showers and some cloud moving in the great lakes region. this front will be approaching tomorrow, a and warm front first and then the associated cold front will follow on friday but then this could bring a stray shower during the day tomorrow. i'm not sold that tomorrow is a dry day mostly sunny a few
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more clouds in the afternoon possibly a stray sure late tomorrow evening and then possibly a stray thunderstorm on friday. neat are of these are a lock, mess of the the next few days will be dry. temperatures 85 degrees at the airport. eighty-four reading and allentown. cooler down the shore thanks to the cooler marine influence 85 degrees ocean water. we are at 81 in atlantic city. eighty-one millville. current dew point is 59, that is not too bad, that puts us on the border between pleasant and not bad so we went from awesome on tuesday, while pleasant to not bad today and then we are continuing to steam up through the end of the week as temperatures head back to the 90's. warm and humid tomorrow, chance for that late day shower, friday a spotty thunderstorm a lot of the models don't have anything being able to form here so it is spotty at best, isolated, 90 ease and then saturday is mostly sunny back to the 80's. two areas to watch here in the tropics, this is still not quite developed yet but it is starting to get its act together and then we will have a gaston.
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lets look at what we can expect. gaston biggest threat from that will be rip currents along east coast, high risk for the weekend. disturbance in the lesser an tilles, likely strengthening into hermine and will pose a threat to florida by the weekend and what we have to watch with that system which we will talk more in depth of next half an hour will that tropical moisture be lifting up the coast possibly to impact us next week or the following week end? still a lot of uncertainty with that. nothing is a lock. we will keep you posted. your three day forecast looking good, just isolated hour or thunderstorm here or there, temperatures near 90. it is hotter but definitely nice summer weather as we head toward end of the august. >> yes. >> really summery. >> thanks, kada appreciate it. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a popular r and b star from philadelphia is helping children learning. >> they are not learning music but all about science, technology and engineering, arts and math. the kids horren joying every second of it. don? he wore eagles green and now he could wear phillies
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red, why tim tebow could become into a ballpark near you, this is not a joke people, sports up
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs] and as of now, i'd have to say no. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours.
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trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now
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at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ this is one of those where people are like difficult hear that right. >> that is right. >> this is not a joke. >> no. >> he's serious. >> he is serious. >> yes. >> so let's clue people in. tim tebow you see him in eagles jersey, briefly, jockey ads topless but will you see him in red pinstripes? maybe. the former nfl first rounder is transition go to baseball. at 29 years old, that is right, 29, tebow is hoping to play in the majors one day. he is holding a work out next tuesday in los angeles and reportedly more than 20 teams will attend the private session, including the phillies. tebow won heisman trophy in florida but hasn't played baseball, since high school. now last time we saw tebow he
5:25 pm
was in training camp with the eagles last september, almost a year later, not only is tebow gone but birds are completely different. the revamped squad continues to hold, into shape. they are gearing up for their third preseason game saturday in indianapolis. so far the defense has been impressive, they forced four turnovers last thursday but they are still a lot more work to do. >> it is important to get in your kind of flow and your routine. if something that you do and does not seem right now you know to adjust. you don't want to adjust to that stuff when it is a real game week. >> my final preseason game, justin to collapsing the pocket and then just starting to run, put us in situation where we were able to wear pads and third and long. we made positive things in the first two preseason game. >> okay. lets look at that tim tebow. can you imagine that the phillies sign him and then sub
5:26 pm
him to lehigh, playing for iron pigs. >> you will be living in lehigh. >> how many things do we do in high school, let's try it again. >> i should have been in rio running the hurdles. >> it is not going to happen. >> our news director will have me up their life on a regular if this guy plays for iron pigs. you guys will all be up there, live with tebow on the way. >> get ready. thanks, buddy. coming up next he got his life back released from jail innocent a after 25 years behind bars and now he gets to thank the people that helped set him free. we will take you to the emotion aal meeting when we come right back, torey. it that is time of the year, moving day at the university of penn and students are coming from all over the world, so is what the marching band doing? greeting them in a universal language: song, that is next. new at 6:00 do you have a
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right stuff to be a kid cop. this file served lunch to police officers in his hometown. we will tell what you they gave him
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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we have an update on our breaking news we have learned that a woman who fell from a zip line in delaware, has died. chopper three over the scene where it happened at the lums pond state park in bear delaware. fifty-eight year-old woman fell around 2:30 this afternoon and was rush to christiana hospital. zip line is run by go ape, headquartered in maryland. two decade ago a jury sent a philadelphia man to prison and now wrongly quick man is meeting a injury that i set him free. "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30. good evening i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. anthony wright spent 25 years behind bars for rape and
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murder did he not commit. reporter cherri gregg from kyw news radio spoke with wright and jurors today. >> reporter: day two of freedom was an emotional one. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: anthony wright, stood in this pack conference room at his attorney's office to say thank you, to those, who made his dream of freedom, reality. >> this jury right here,. >> and, an eight, returns to see tony, as a freeman. >> it was humbling, it really was. it was a privilege to reap those word not guilty. >> reporter: twenty-three years ago another jury sent wright to prison for life for rape and murder of an elderly neighbor on this nicetown block. but new dna linking another man to the crime is evidence of a coerced confession, convinced these men and women to set wright free. >> to set someone free to give them their life back it felt so good.
5:32 pm
and for wright, who would breathe more fresh air, given more hugs and eaten more cheese cake in the past 24 hours then in nearly 25 years. >> i was eating so much they had to take it away from me. >> reporter: there is no bitterness. >> i'm stronger. >> reporter: only gratitude for lawyer's family, even strangers, that believed, that he should be free. >> rest of high days the best that i can live. enjoy my family. >> reporter: the life he always dreamed of. cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a delaware county woman chooses a message of love in response to vaned list many in her havertown neighborhood. last friday esther eskin woke up to someone spraying a swastika on her trash can. she reported to it police and then decided to do something even betterment esther painted over disturbing image and enlisted support of her friend and neighbors. she wrote on facebook that paint something on your trash
5:33 pm
can, we can in our little way turn this symbol of hate into something beautiful. >> it was within minutes, people were outside, you know, painting their trash can and hitting me up on facebook and saying that they supported me and my family. >> reporter: esther's message on facebook is going viral. the post has been liked 1500 times and shared all across the country. president obama issued his 25th executive order making way for northwoods national monument in maine. this comes a day after land over roxanne, transferred 87,000 acres of land to the federal government, according to a national park service listing monument is nation's 151st, since 1906. group of north philadelphia middle schoolers are getting a chance to get out of the city and explore the great outdoors. >> it is all thanks to philly a's own grammy award winzinger, song writer, jill scott, jilly from philly and our kate bilo has the story.
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>> ♪ >> that is right, ukee and jessica. it is called camp jill scott. every year through her balloon foundation kid in under served communities get to enjoy a a free, week long camp, filled with fun, learning, and a chance to connect with nature. this is what you would call good, clean, fun. all this brightly colored playdoh like material is a science project. >> we are trying to make it like an experiment, so we can all know how our bars of soap are made. >> reporter: goal of the camp located in furlong pennsylvania is to expose students to learning in a fun way. >> our enrichment day here is seen with the science, technology, engineering, arts and math. so they are doing all types of fun science experiments. >> reporter: in addition to learning there is plenty of time for playing with the special emphasis on getting these youngsters to will
5:35 pm
challenge themselves. >> we do rock climbing and he made me face my fear by doing rock climbing. i was scared, and then now when i see rock climbing i want to go rock climbing because i faced my fear. >> reporter: jill scott's mission to give these children new opportunities. >> i love this camp. >> reporter: camp jill scott was started in 2007 and so far it has served over 300 students. in the einstein health care science center i'm kate bilo. >> they all love that camp. >> yes, wonderful, wonderful. still to come on "eyewitness news" talk about a long business trip. >> new record for time spent in space. how long one astronaut has been there and when his odyssey will end. both of these squirrels are patients at chop, but they t chop, they want to help children and what they are collecting and how you can help in today's story of brotherly love.
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521 days and space and counting a new record has been set for most time spent in space. >> jeffery williams commander of the international space station mark his 521st days in orbit. that surpasses 520 day record set by scott kelly in march. by the time williams returns to earth in two weeks he will
5:40 pm
have logged 534 days, above the earth. this could be largest in the world, found in the philippines by fisherman a decade ago inside a giant clam. the pearlies set to weigh 75-pound and is more than 2 feet long and 1 foot wide. gem experts still need to verify its weight and value so until then the pearlies officially, the largest probably worth a lot of money too. that pearl pearl weighs 14-pound and measures more than 900 in diameter. >> it looks fake. >> it does. >> incredible it is legitimate. >> there it is. >> singer brittany spears dropped a few bomb shells including how she almost died, inside scoop on the other
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
5:43 pm
votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. well, brittany spears is making a come back but not without making some headlines, first. >> insider debbie has the latest now from los angeles. debbie? ukee and jessica, brittany
5:44 pm
is back in a big way. she has new album, mtv music video award this sunday and spears is dropping all sorts of news today, including one, big brittany bomb shell. >> here's a quick glimpse of our trip in hawaii and i hope you like it. >> while the social media story of brittany a's hawaiian summer vacation with her boys two weeks ago is picture of bliss from food to the surf, she's now revealing that she almost drowned, when she got pulled under by a powerful wave on the island of kwai. >> waves were 6 feet tall, i went out, and thing i didn't think about when you come back the waves really come in yard. i got suck under for like five minute literally almost drawn. >> reporter: now in the safety of her las vegas suite inside rio hotel she tells bbc radio scott mills that ultimately she relied on herself to headache it back to safety.
5:45 pm
>> did security come. >> no, they didn't. >> they were just standing there. they knew i could survive my way through it. >> i will be there. >> i'm there. >> reporter: friday her ninth studio album glory drops and then sunday she will take over vma's as the ultimate come back performance of her new single make me. we will have so much more on story tonight on the insider, ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. >> debbie, thanks. get all of your hollywood news, watch the insider right here on cbs-3. brittany spears is putting on her seat belt and belting out tunes with james corden. >> she's late toes participate in car pool karaoke. >> ♪ >> there she is, pop princess, joins james corden for an all new car pool karaoke this week. but, we know toxic made play
5:46 pm
list. see what others they sing along too during their drive together. when all of the you this car pool car oak which brittany spears premiers this thursday, august 25th, on the late, late show, right here on cbs-3. >> she looked a little timid there. >> yes. >> a little bit suspect of the whole thing but we will see how that shakes outs. >> james is working. >> she was trying to lip sync. >> a little busy. they sang a few tunes. >> beautiful day. >> yes. >> beautiful day, sunnies shining, warming up and that is what we have been saying a little bit warmer every day, more humid every day but not so bad when you do tonight stages or little bit at a time. the that is what we have been doing this week. gradually warming up so you wouldn't know when you step outside friday at 92, and say wait a minute what happened from earlier in the week. well, it will come back a little bit through weekend. lets start off with what is happening right now a lovely
5:47 pm
shot from traffic cameras, this is, of course the art museum, iconic shot of the eakins oval, blue sky, people outside walking around running up and down art museum steps and jog ago long kelly drive, a beautiful shot in the beautiful city and what a great day that you can sneak out, head out early, doing one of those work out the classes on the art museum steps, and take a walk, and, and, and, yellow, and orange and gold. now they are green. everything is beautiful this evening. we will check with our eyewitness weather watchers keeping tabs on things for us in their neighborhood. not a whole lot to track. we are not tracking any rainfall or snowfall amounts but our weather watchers on the job as well as not the so nice day anal an's house in delran new jersey 88 with sunshine. perfect day. dew .63. more humidity coming. dew points will be rising as we will show you in a moment. eighty-four heading down to delaware with walt inner newark. walter has 84 at his house.
5:48 pm
another great evening for dinner on the deck. the isn't that about right? that sound fantastic to me. great photos as always from weather watchers. love this one from gene shows us a small plane windshield view. he was up in the plane and could see, the ocean and the bays of the marshes and all that in the background and still showing us a beautiful blue sky afternoon. here's a quick look at storm can three. not a whole lot to see. we have to zoom out before we find any wet weather, front lifting through great lakes that could impact us tomorrow. tomorrow we may see a few more cloud in the afternoon possibly a stray shower. here's what that looks like, you can see that system heading toward us tomorrow. first half looks mostly sunny and then a few more cloud in the a afternoon. here's 2:00 p.m. mostly fizzling and die before they get here friday morning, also a stray shower. this front is draped across the area friday afternoon at 3:00 but note thinks particular model doesn't show much getting going as far as thunderstorm activity. if we see something it would
5:49 pm
be just spotty, very localized, most of us looking at dry conditions through the end of the week. future dew points back in the 60's tomorrow afternoon and then by friday afternoon out ahead of the front coming through dew points back in the 70's. we will feel that heat index creep backup again. steamy tomorrow, oppressive on friday and then little bit better on saturday, saturday will be most comfortable day of the next several days. forecast models on this area of disturb weather near lesser antilles have come to a conn sense thaws this will head through bohamas and impact south florida heading in the weekend and start of next week. one potential tracks as it will strengthen into hermine, likely track takes it toward florida or into the gulf but florida will be most impact through the weekend. some spots down in south florida from west palm and miami could end up with over 4 s system. whether it is name or not impact will likely be the same with heavy rain and downpours
5:50 pm
right through the weekend. for your thursday 89 tomorrow friday looks good, watch out for stray thunderstorm. weekend is beautiful. we will steam up back to 91 early next week. >> back to you. >> kate, thank you. when children are admitted to the children's hospital of philadelphia a whole team of people help them stay occupied, they are called child life specialist. >> they provide toys, game time and two former patients are saying thanks with toys in this weeks story of brotherly love ten year-old brownyn hanson and sophia of montgomery county know what it is like to be a kid stuck in the hospital. in 2014, sophia developed serious complications from the flu. >> i had to get surgery. they had to put a tube in through my back and my lung. >> she was terrified. she was in a lot of pain. >> reporter: year later brownyn had brain surgery to repair a malformation in her blood vessels.
5:51 pm
>> it was tiring, painful, because i could not lift my head, i didn't want to watch tv ever. >> reporter: girls didn't know each other but their moms colleen and corry shay went to the same high school and reconnect through the magic of social media. >> sophia had got sick in the hospital and we reached out and it is amazing. >> same when brownyn was sick colleen sent a cleaning lady to my house. wonderful person. >> now we're like best friends. >> yes. >> fun, coloring books. >> reporter: sophia and brownyn are collecting toys, for kid in the hospital, chop drop, friend and local businesses have donated dozens and dozens of toys. amazon wish list of 100 toys sold out. >> and then i just put more stuff and we keep getting from as far away as seattle. >> alabama, maine. >> family affair, their sisters are helping too.
5:52 pm
>> we're hoping that these toys can make kid have a little bit more fun then just playing around. feeling like you can do anything. >> it is like christmas but not for themselves. they are so excited, to be able to come, to chop and bring these to them because they know what it will do, keep their mind off of it and feel better and have something fun to do. >> call it sisterly love. contribute to brownyn and sophia's chop drop at a variety of locations or at their home base in blue bell before august 31st. we have a link to their web site at cbs great job, ladies, excellent. still ahead it that is time of the year again. >> torey is going back to school. >> that is right back to school we are live on the campus of the university of pennsylvania give a big hello over there to our checker
5:53 pm
inners over there, students have check in, they have moved in but how are they welcomed in? i was on the cow bell, stick around for this we will be
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
it is a exciting day at university of pennsylvania for the freshman, it is move in day. >> it is exciting times. "eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill is live at penn where she got in on some of that move in action, vittoria. >> reporter: that is right, do you remember that feeling, bet are flies, nerves? well, penn has a tradition to calm all that down to make sure that the students, they just go right in with ease in their new dormitories and they make friends with everybody. the it is a big combination, of song, and school spirit. >> one, two, three, four. >> ♪ >> reporter: it that is time of the day, move in day at the university of pennsylvania. they were moms and dads saying
5:57 pm
their proud good byes and students hope they have all of their supplies. >> do you think you have everything that you need in there. >> no, definitely not. >> reporter: settle the nerves every year the penn marching band covers the corners of campus, sending out a few high nets for the men on the totem pole. >> welcome the new freshman so we come right around campus and we act like mad men and we play and recruit new members. good opportunity to interact with the freshman and get to meet them and get them to come play with us. >> no matter where you are coming from there is no translation needed. >> it is a fun place. people company from all over the country and world. we welcome people to penn in a language they can understand. >> i'm real exited to start a new chapter of my life. >> reporter: did you feel the welcome. >> i did, pretty cool. >> reporter: is this the best welcome ever. >> it is the best welcome over, because it is best day ever, best new college ever.
5:58 pm
>> this is the first new college that penn designed as a live in, learning and play in center and you can hear how excited students are about it. >> reporter: to the 340 new freshman welcome class 2020. here's wishing you win with a bang. >> call your mother. >> i will. >> every day. >> wow, welcome to penn. >> welcome to penn. >> reporter: that is right, bell come to penn. thinks the brand new, new college house here, at university of pennsylvania, and we're talking three, four, five and even six bedroom suites, 340 students, i was talking about were all check into this baby right here. don't feel too bad for these college kid because i saw flat screen, popcorn machine and i even see a smoothie machine. it is not like the old days. they will be just fine, mom and dad, they're okay. >> black and by the tv with rabbit ears.
5:59 pm
>> just right. >> okay. >> that is so sad. >> okay. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. breaking news next at 6:00 g right now, an accident on the zip line in delaware. woman dies after plunging, 40 feet, and we're live from the scene. concert collapse, lawsuit filed by more than a dozen people injured when a railing collapsed earlier this month at bb and t pavilion whom they say is responsible, and then this. >> it is first time one of thesis leaving a delaware county winery in, fact, in all of pennsylvania. i'm joe holden, more on what some are calling a move from out of the dark ages. >> reporter: this little guy would like to be a police officer one day. he is off to a great start. what did he that earned him a special badge and title of honorary officer, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now.
6:00 pm
breaking news, now at 6:00, a tragic accident is unfolding tonight a woman has died after falling from a zip line in new castle county. good evening, everyone i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington this breaking story is unfolding at lums pond state park in red lion road in delaware. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is there with the very latest, trang? >> reporter: well, we have found out within the hour that the woman has died, state park rangers rather through delaware fish, wild life resources are handling this tragic incident. particularly, take a look there is a state of of delaware forensic investigators van here. you can see part of the attraction in the background. we have video from earlier of the scene. take a look. here's what we do know. just after 2:30 p.m., new castle county e ms was dispatched to lums pond state park for a 48 year-old woman with critical injuries from the fall. state police spokesmen says


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